by jake on September 24, 2012

Mommy friend, Cathy loves to put all the special dates on her calendar and  she had on September 23 as Gotcha Day.  She ask mommy if she was to celebrate it.  Mommy thought, hmmmm,  hmmm, it be a nice day to celebrate but for now, it is something I do not understand.  However, mommy is one to love to  celebrate very special days, with  special meaning and Gotcha was when mommy was formally and legally my mommy on paper and by the court system.

Mommy thought for now, she was to give me extra big hug and say,  “Gotcha.”  She just calls it a special day or special special hug, all our own.   I love hugs, no matter what day.

Mommy thought to take pics of me with my special plushie I got on that day from the judges office.  She chose the one that was original and  one of a kind and cute and cuddly………………. a  big green frog, but I call it “Broccoli.”   That makes it for a very special plushie,  since it is a frog to mommy and it is a broccoli to me!

Ps, I am now five years old, so it is Gotcha day 5, but  mommy only started making it special on this year with the  special “Gotcha Hug.”
















I am only 13 months old on Gotcha Day

Jake r doodle dandy smiles!!!   I am glad I gotcha mommy…………….and I even got a

special papa Dan too!


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Great Falls, Virginia … I was there!!!

by jake on August 26, 2012

For a day when mommy and papa had to go to  Washington DC area, papa drove to  Great Falls, on the Virginia side.  He said, it was the better side, than Maryland.  Mommy and me would not have known the difference, because both of us never been there before.  Papa was there when he was a kid, so he remembered.

Mommy loves the beautiful water.  We also saw three guys and  their boats having fun, travelling down the fall.  It is dangerous and mommy made sure,  I was fully supervised.












































me being shy!!!



jake r doodle dandy smiles !!!!!!  — what a fun day it was

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Swimming with my new paddle board

August 25, 2012

I had fun swimming for an hour just before the Jester club movie by the pool.   I love to swim…. float, since I really do not know how to swim.  Mommy brought my swim suit so I could play in the kiddie pool but  decided I needed my  floater and  a  paddle board.  She  drove […]

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I am in GS1…aka French Kindergarten

August 23, 2012

It has been a long time since saying hi and  keeping my fans and family up to date with my progress.   There is gonna be a lot of catching up to do…thank goodness mommy can help me, since I am now in school all day, seven hours, five days a week…big step for a  five […]

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Happy Fourth of July 2012

July 7, 2012

I am almost five years old and I had the greatest fun on this July  fourth holiday.  I was  in the parade in my neighborhood.  Mommy had great plans for this day and I was to get to drive or push my fave car coupe.  I used to love riding or pushing this kid car […]

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Happy Papa Day!!!

June 27, 2012

It has been a long time since I wrote, huh???? Been busy…  am a busy kid, you know…a  busy four year old that is quickly gonna turn five yrs!!!  ….and it is  not easy for mommy to help do the blogs when she is always  working with me on school work books etc…….I do keep […]

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Morning at the Crick….creek

June 11, 2012

We live right by the creek,  Bull Creek Falls, and it is purrty.   It is  nice water that is like a water fall and cold.  It is also slippery on the rocks and mommy scared I will fall in.  We went at  ten in the morning because mommy and papa hate it when it is […]

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The peacock and the park!!!!!

June 9, 2012

I spotted a playground….but I was wrong.  It was  a very nice park, and there were lots of peacocks…………….in the tree!  I had fun wandering out in the fresh air one Texas afternoon.                     jake r doodle dandy smiles!!!  what a fine and dandy peacock afternoon.

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It’s a party… a birthday one

June 8, 2012

I was invited to a birthday party.  There was lots to do and see, the slide, the unicorn pony, pony ride, magician and piñata.   I would not ride the pony, but I was okay to get paint on my hand and ‘paint’ the pony. I love piñatas and collecting all goodies.   Oh do I […]

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I am Jake the builder!

June 7, 2012

Every first Saturday at home depot they have a kids workshop and I got to attend one for the first time.  This weekends workshop was to make an organizer box, wood, and nails and paint!  Papa helped me hammer, and mommy helped with the glue and paint.  I got my own  Home Depot apron and […]

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